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Replace your new tab with data that matters to you

Make your new tab page work for you by fetching beautiful background images, the latest headlines, your upcoming events, and your tasks for the day.

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beautiful dashboard

A better way to start your new tab

Don't wake up on the wrong side of your bed tab.

A beautiful tab

If you enjoy the wonders of the, the "beautiful" dashboard is for you. Get the highest quality images from top photographers from all around the

  • Photos from unsplash

    Set what categories you want and Caddie will get the best photos for you every day!

  • Top Headlines

    Read a new headline every time you open a new tab so you're always up to date.

beautiful dashboard

An informative tab

If you love data, this dashboard is meant for you. Select all of your favorite feeds and see what is going on without having to go to each website .

  • Live Feeds

    See what is being posted live on your favorite news sources

  • Calendars and Todo List

    Fetch your calendars and todo list so you always know what to work on next .

informative dashboard

Get your data from anywhere

We use many different APIs to get as many different options for you as possible. And we also support custom RSS feeds for when we don't have the data you need. If you want more custom integrations, you can always shoot us an email and we can add it!

Unsplash Images
News Sources
ToDo List Integrations

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A Reasonable Free Plan Forever

We understand that most people aren't willing to pay for a chrome extension, and thats okay. We want to offer most features for free and reserve only the features that power-users would use who would be much more willing to pay.



Get the majority of features completely free!

  • Choose from multiple different dashboards including `Beautiful` and `Feeds`

  • Connect your Google Calendar, Todoist and other external accounts

  • Add up to 3 custom dashboards to switch between

  • Choose from all the available data sources for your headlines



Built for the professionals

  • Everything in the free plan

  • Live stock tickers and cryptocurrencies to track the markets in near realtime

  • Add unlimited custom dashboards

  • Automatically switch dashboards based on the time of day

  • And more...


Are you a student, teacher, or veteran? Shoot us a message and we'll give you the PRO plan free for a year (and you can email us again if your status remains the same 😊).

Frequently asked questions

When will Caddie be released?

We are working hard to get Caddie ready! We are hoping to launch a beta in Q1 of 2021 and release Caddie in full in Q3 of 2021. If you want early (alpha) access, please sign up for our mailing list.

Will Caddie be free?

Caddie will always have a free plan. Our plan is to provide a paid plan for the pro-users of Caddie while leaving most of the features free for the regular user. The way we see it, most people will not be willing to pay for new tab page and we would still like to give them a great experience. For those who would like additional features or support indie developers, we will have a paid plan with a few "power" features to make the experience even better!

What browsers will Caddie support?

Currently our plan is to support all Chromium browsers. This includes browsers such as Google Chrome, the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera. We will also support Firefox in the near future. Unfortunately there is no easy way to replace your new tab page in Safari, but we will look to develop it as soon as it is allowed by Apple.

How can I get access to Caddie now?

Great question! Sign up for our mailing list above and we will add you to our ALPHA and BETA testing!

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